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6 Reasons MSSP Executives
Move On From AlienVault:

This eBook discusses the 6 most common reasons MSSP CxOs have moved on from AlienVault, a popular Next-Gen SIEM. 
AT&T Cybersecurity AlienVault is a popular Next-Gen SIEM, though many users are considering changing to something better suited for their needs, including CyFlare. Why? We’ve got an eBook that discusses the 6 most common reasons MSSPs have moved on, including:

eBook: MSSPs and AlienVault

  • Lack of flexible storage allocation per customer & backup.
  • Being ‘nickeled and dimed’ every time you want more from the platform with nuisance fees
  • Not a real multi-tenant architecture that is slow to provision
  • AI / ML that is hard to work with and not segmented by customer tenant
  • And more....

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